Online Registration starts 20 July 2020

4Q Product Manager Intel Systems User Exchange

Online Registration starts
20 July 2020

4QFY20 Product Manager Intel Systems User Exchange

  • Website registration opens on 20 July
  • PdM IS video series / information briefs will be available for viewing 24 Aug – 4 Sep
  • All Q&A will be submitted through the User Exchange website Q&A page NLT 4 September
  • Follow-on MS Teams Topic Q&A Meetings will be scheduled the week of 14 September (DTG TBD)

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This is not an Industry Day event, This event is only open to users.

The Overview

The Product Manager Intel Systems (PdM IS) User Exchange is a semi-annual event that provides open discussion between the PdM IS and the DCGS-A  / PM IS&A User Community. The intent is to provide an accurate update pertaining to PdM IS Development, Sustainment, and Fielding & Training efforts while receiving direct feedback from the Community in support of further improving our support to the Warfighter.

Due to COVID-19 constraints, the 4QFY20 PdM IS User Exchange will be a phased virtual event starting with registering and then viewing the prerecorded PdM IS topic video series hosted on the PdM IS User Exchange website. The intent of the prerecorded videos is to provide the Community the opportunity to view the videos at their leisure within the 2 x week video access window starting on 24 August and ending on 4 September. The videos will provide an information brief, detailing current system and program statuses. The 4QFY20 User Exchange video series is comprised of interrelated topics and we highly encouraged that participants view all videos to ensure you get an understanding of the Program from the holistic “system of systems / life cycle” perspective.

Event Location

100% Virtural

Get in Touch

Please submit any questions, comments, concerns prior to the event so we can address accordingly. We will make every attempt to have our briefers answer questions within their brief. All questions will be kept anonymous.

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