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2QFY21 Product Manager Intel Systems User Exchange

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PdM IS Video Series

  • PdM IS Overview
  • Next Generation Capabilities

  • GEOINT Update
  • Transition to TITAN
  • IPCv1 Status / GISA Fixed Nodes / CD2 Way Ahead
  • SEC: SP1 / Sustainment Update

  • Help Desk Update
  • CHS Update
  • IA/Cyber Security Update
  • CDSS / Centaur Update
  • Fielding Update
  • Training Update
  • Readiness / PSM / TPM 2.0 Update
  • Mounted Systems Update
  • Tactical Systems Update

LTC Fowles /
Mr. Leslie Hosein

PdM IS Overview

Video: PdM Intel Systems Leadership Update

Bharat Patel / Rob Czajkowski / Nicole Allen

Next Generation Capabilities

Video: Intel Apps Update

Video: Project MAVEN Update

Video: Arcane Fire Update

Dave Cray


Video: 4QFY20 User Exchange GEOINT Update

Sam Barczak / Greg Faragher

Transition to TITAN

Video: Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) - Overview & Status

Kris Brewer / MAJ Krishnagiri / Shaun Cronen

IPCv1 Status / GISA Fixed Nodes / CD2 Way Ahead

Video: GISA Fixed Node Update

Video: IPCv1 Status Update

Video: Capability Drop 2 (CD2) - User Exchange Update

Bob Labanz / Tom Cummings

SEC: SP1 / Sustainment Update

Video: SEC SP1 / Sustainment

Sam Albertsen

Help Desk Update

Video: DCGS-A Help Desk Update

Bill Gehrum

Nicole Aderton

Jamie Plakosh

CHS Update

Video: CHS Overview

Video: How to order hardware via CHS

Video: Intellipower UPS Retrofit Update

Video: How to Obtain CHS Repair Support

Video: Availability of the Dell 7750 Laptop

Wai Wong / Lisa Kash / IA Team

IA/Cyber Security Update

Video: PM IS&A Cyber Security ATO Update: SIPR, COALITION, NIPR Networks

Video: JWICS Update

Video: NSANet Update

Vicky Baker / Leeandra Wesley

CDSS / Centaur Update

Video: Cross Domain Security Suite (CDSS) Update

Video: Centaur Update

Jerry Saikley / Justin Brown

Fielding Update

Video: 4QFY20 User Exchange Fielding Update

Jeff Henton / Mike Morley

Training Update

Video: Embedded Trainer Update

Video: Training Way Ahead

Joe Pickerd

PSM / TPM 2.0 Update

Video: Product Support Manager Update

Vicky Baker / MAJ Smith /
Rob Whittaker

Mounted Systems Update

Video: Operational Ground Station (OGS) Update

Video: IPCv2 Update

Video: Tactical Ground Station (TGS) Update

Andy Britton / Rod Allen

Tactical Systems Update

Video: Tactical System Hardware Update

Video: Tactical System TPM 2.0 Update

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